Monday, January 1, 2007

Part Two of Poem...

I am finishing the first true short story that I am going to post but for now I will give you part two of the last poem.

The Repayment
Repayment now comes due,
To me she's always true.
knelt down, she smiles, looks up,
On me she wants to sup.

She strokes me with her hand,
I rise at her command.
Blood rushes to my cock,
Now harder than a rock.

Light headed close my eyes,
Four senses tell no lies.
I use them all to see
What she's doing to me.

I feel her lips explore
My shaft I want some more.
I smell her perfume rise,
Giving makes its reprise.

I taste her pussy juice,
Fingers put to good use.
I hear her slurp and suck
My balls, I have such luck.

She licks it up then down,
She really goes to town.
She takes it deep inside,
Now swallowing my pride.

My body jerking, try,
Hold on don't let it fly.
No use, she wants it bad,
A taste not often had.

She points me at her mouth,
First shot then points it south.
Swallows and never spits,
One splashes off her tits.

She takes me in again,
Mouth sucks me dry and then,
Lays naked by my side.
My stunning, blushing bride.


Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas everybody. I am gonna make this quick because my wife is just upstairs taking a shower. I wrote this poem in two parts. Here is the first.

The Pledge
Fingers in, fingers out,
Make her come, scream and shout.
Can't stop it now, not yet,
Now she is getting wet.

Her scent rises, breathe deep,
Dream of it when asleep.
Lean in to take a drink
Spinning head cannot think.

Only reaction now,
Control I disavow.
Her movements guide me to
A pleasure overdue.

Arousal is at hand,
Her needs I understand.
I bring her to the edge
And then fulfill this pledge.

Her satisfaction is mine,
When knelt down at her shrine.
So if I give to her,
Repayment is for sure.

Her juices pour out slow,
Her hips buck to and fro.
Grip my hair push down hard,
Then I catch her off guard.

My finger goes in her ass,
Squeal then moan then alas.
She goes again this is true,
she's had one, never two.

Hope you enjoyed.

Friday, December 22, 2006

First Post

The reason I am starting this blog is because my mind races with these ideas all day long. I generally want sex more than my wife so a way that I have of releasing sexual energy is through writing. As my wife and I do have a good sex life I can give you some true stories. But I will mix in some other stuff as I go along. My daydreams, poems, and short stories will all be included. Feel free to comment. I would love to hear what other people think.

I thought I would start off with a poem as my first post. This was something I wrote when I was bored at work one day and just thinking of my wife and some fun we have had...

Knelt down low, take it in,
You suck so hard and fast.
Lips to lips, tongue inside,
Your climax comes at last.

Legs spread wide, in the air,
Pumping you warm and wet.
To the hilt, grip the sheets,
As deep as I can get.

Bouncing high, what a ride,
Deep inside your pussy.
On all fours, from behind,
Your ass soft and cushy.

Suck some more, then I stroke,
My aim is not so bad.
Rub your tits, sprayed with cum,
A night of fun we had!